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Designing Truth, The Audacity of Intention

Reverend Doctor Toni Petrinovich is a Master Teacher instructing spiritual seekers in expressing as spirit, the I AM. Reverend Toni is clairvoyant, clairaudient and kinesthetically aware of the invisible world assisting others to access these dimensions, also. 

As a Master Teacher, Reverend Toni is absolutely committed to assisting all spiritual seekers around the globe remember they are Source in form in this incarnation.  Through the principles of metaphysics, the expanding language of quantum physics and sacred etheric initiations, she literally opens the doorway to see the unseen and live your desire in this dimension.

Reverend Toni is a hands-on Teacher, personally instructing each student under her tutelage.  She is a spiritual video producer, international author, inspirational speaker and webmaster of four other extensive websites, all available at

Through these websites and her enlightening newsletters to subscribers, she continues to offer spiritual information in state-of-the-art formats. For in-depth information about Reverend Doctor Toni Petrinovich, see her Sacred Spaces website.